Obamacare Enrollment Checklist & Tips

Open enrollment begins October 1, but there are many things you can do to prepare yourself before then:

Key dates
As enrollment approaches, be sure to mark your calendar with these important dates.

OCT 01, 2013 – Open enrollment through the health insurance exchanges begins and continues through March 31, 2014.

DEC 15, 2013 – Final day to purchase health care coverage on an exchange for coverage that will be effective January 1, 2014.

MAR 31, 2014 – Final day for open enrollment through the health insurance exchanges.


Follow these steps
Here is a helpful health care reform checklist which includes things you can do now to prepare yourself for upcoming changes to health care.

Step 1: Stay Up To Date.
There is an easy way to stay up to date on all of the important news, changes and key dates. Sign up now to start receiving Health Care Reform updates and information about our services and products with each company.

Step 2: Make a list of questions before you choose your health plan.
For example, “Can I stay with my current doctor?” or “Will this plan cover my health costs when I’m traveling?”

Step 3: Learn the basics of how health insurance works.
Knowing how health insurance works will help you as you’re trying to pick a plan. For example:

  • Learn what a deductible, an out-of-pocket maximum, or a copayment is.
  • You’ll want to know about the different types of health coverage you have to choose from and what each will pay for.
  • Take a look at your payment options also. Do you have to pay every month or once a year?

Think about these details while you’re shopping for a health insurance plan.

Step 4: Gather basic information about your household income.
Many people will qualify to get a tax credit towards the cost of their health insurance coverage, and you’ll need income information to find out how much you can get. You’ll want to be able to answer a questions about your family and your income to figure out if you qualify. Later this year, we’ll have a link to the online calculator available to help you find out how much you may get towards the cost of coverage.

Step 5: Decide what you need and set your budget.
There will be different types of health insurance plans to meet a variety of needs and budgets. Be sure to make a decision about what you want and what you can afford before you review the plans. This will help you narrow your choices and make it easier for you to select the best plan for you.

Step 6: Ask your employer and your spouses’ employer about changes to the health insurance plan(s) they might offer.
If you have health insurance through your employer, ask if changes will be made regarding your health plan. Find out from your employer whether they plan to offer health insurance in the future, especially if you work for a small business. If your employer offers insurance, this might make you or your spouse ineligible for a subsidy.

Step 7: Explore your current health insurance choices.
Take a look at your current situation. If you need health coverage now, call us for quotes on the plan that is available to you now. If you’d like help getting started with your search for health insurance, call our Health Reform Enrollment Center at 877-740-8683.

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