Citizenship and Income Validation Sept. 5 Deadline


In July 2014, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) begun notifying people who enrolled for health insurance coverage on “The Marketplace” that they needed additional information to verify their coverage and/or subsidies and cost sharing amounts. This letter gave them 30 days to provide the information and validate their citizenship or income.

This week, about 310,000 people nationwide will get another letter with additional citizenship documentation requirements who have not responded. Approximately 52,700 are in Texas.

With this letter, you will have until Sept. 5, 2014, to provide the required documents or they will lose their coverage on Sept. 30.

The Marketplace has tried multiple efforts to contact them. The letters are in English and Spanish. They will try another three times to contact these people before the deadline, after that, you will get a letter saying coverage will be cancelled on Sept 30.

If you have received a letter, act now to avoid cancellation. If your policy is cancelled, this may or may not qualify as a special enrollment privilege, therefore you may not be able to get coverage again until Jan 2015.

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